Spring 1/2 Marathon Training: Week 15 of 16

The past 7 days compiled my last hard training week before tapering for the “Hero Dash” for Backstoppers 1/2 Marathon in Cape Girardeau, Missouri! I’m looking forward to this inaugural race. I chose it for two reasons:
1. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to most big-name races ($50)
2. It’s only 2 hours from my house. WIN.

Okay, I lied. There’s a 3rd reason. Please look at the elevation of this race. I really hope they aren’t lying. 

Let’s talk about the last 7 days, shall we?
The Deets:
48 miles. 6 total runs. 1 strength training session. 1 Core workout. 1 day of complete rest. (Need to get back in the pool/on the bike for those cross-training days!)20140414-122844.jpg
AM: felt so nice to sleep in after our weekend away with Jon’s fun college friends (read: lots of booze and not much sleep 😉 ) During lunch, I did core and strength training. I have gotten bored with my typical core workout, so I ventured on over to the Purely Twins website for a nice little core sesh.

OMG. Best/hardest core workout of my life. This is how I looked for a good 15 minutes after finishing. 20140412-172534.jpg
PM: 6 easy miles with Beth. 8:17 pace.

AM: 6 easy miles with Tiff. 7:57 pace.
I was catching up on blogs I follow and ended up seeing former teammate, Ashely Evans on Oiselle’s blog!! It was so cool, because really, Ashley has gotten SUPER speedy in the last few years. Like 2.48 marathon speedy. It was really neat reading about her and remembering fun times in high school. Love her perspective!


And then I looked down at what I was wearing that day and realized we matched and I had the brief thought, “Maybe if my style is like Ashley’s I can be just as fast.” HA. 
PM: 2 miles with Corporate Wellness couch to 5k group. 9.00 pace.

AM: 7 Miles with Beth and Tiffany. 8:31 pace.
Woof. My legs were beat after yesterday. I need to get in the gym more than 1 day a week after this training cycle ends!

Complete Rest day. I had class right after work, so I took a walk before class started to clear my head and grab some iced coffee. Walked up on this beaut. Wow.  I love spring.20140412-172359.jpg

AM: Let’s talk about this workout. The goal was 5-6 x 1 mile repeats (depending on how I felt) at faster than 1/2 marathon race pace, but still controlled. Our goal (ran these with Beth) was to stay right at or around 6:30 pace. The recovery was to do easy running between each for 3 minutes. Here is how it went:

1. 6:29 (“Wow, I’m actually feeling good. I can’t believe Beth and I are having a deep convo about life while holding 6:30 pace. Who am I?!”)
2. 6:29 
3. 6:24 (“I feel okay, but man, when we turn around and go the other way, that wind is going to be a killer.”
4. 6:30 (“Gosh this is awful”)
5. 6:28 (“I’m only doing 5. Not doing 6. This is my last one. Someone put a fork in me. I’m done”)
*I tell Beth during the recovery: “Fine. I’m doing 6 repeats.” She laughs.
6. 6:24 (Beth tells me, “Just do a 1/2 mile and you can stop there.” My thought, “Okay. But yea, right. If I go 1/2 mile, I’m doing the final 1/2 mile!”)

While this workout didn’t exactly feel easy, I’m positive I could NOT have done this 6 months ago. Progress, right?

PM: class from 1 pm to 7 pm. blahhhh. Got another iced coffee from my favorite coffee shop. My favorite combo: a lil’ agave sweetener and lotsa’ cream 🙂


Friday night is always pizza night. Roasted Garlic Parmesan with Mushrooms and Myer Lemons for the WIN. 20140412-172314.jpg
Long run with Friends. I probably could have used an easy day after that tough workout on Friday, but friends were running Saturday morning, so Long run Saturday morning it is! Long run with Friends always trumps Long run solo. 13 miles. 7.41 pace. Eli ran 10 of those 🙂

20140412-172300.jpgCame home from my run to find this little treasure from the fiance. This is a running blog, but I will say this: Single girls or girls in general, please stop getting into relationships with jerks/guys who do not know how to treat a lady right. But, also, don’t have outrageously high standards/expectations. Guys: treat a lady right. We LOVE flowers. We aren’t that hard to please. Flowers and nice words and a listening ear go A LOOONG WAY. Jon does those things remarkably well, I must say.


Back to running.

5 miles, 8.53 pace. I really had great intentions of making this a cross-training day. Buuutt, Julia was having to do her long run solo, so I told her I’d hop in 🙂 It ended up being great. We talked and caught up, and it was a beautiful morning. Don’t regret it, but after next weekend’s race, I’ll take some extra rest days.

Meanwhile, my stepdad brought their zoo to visit and help with my taxes. Eli loves his dog-friends. LOLZZ


That’s all, folks! A solid week, I’d say!

How many days per week do you prefer to run? How many days off?  
I go back and forth between running 5 to 6 days. I probably prefer 5 days of running, 1 XT day, 1 rest day.

If you could give one sentence of relationship advice, what would it be? I clearly am not married and don’t claim to know everything, so tell me what advice you would give to newlyweds, single folks, or folks planning to get married!


5 thoughts on “Spring 1/2 Marathon Training: Week 15 of 16

  1. Very nice work on those mile repeats!! Talking yourself into that last one is how I do it too.

    I have never heard of pizza with lemon on it. I am so fascinated now, I have to try it! Do you squeeze the lemons on the pizza or just take them off?


    • Thanks, Kris! Ha, yea, the self-talk is always key.
      In terms of the pizza, I loove lemon, so i prefer to squeeze it over, but Jon took them off, which still leaves a nice mild lemon flavor.


  2. You are definitely making progress, and training is looking great! I am excited to see how you do this year 🙂 I run every day of the week, but it has taken time for me to build up to that. I have many elite friends who take a day off every week, and when I have a down week every 3-4 weeks, I will often take a complete rest day. It is all about what works for you! That pizza looks delicious! I have never seen lemon chunks before, but I bet it would be great 🙂


  3. In the perfect world I’d be able to run 5 and rest 2… in the real world I run about 3 or 4…. I wish I could get out more but btwn the kiddos and the weather it just hasn’t been possible… Bring on the summer!!!

    The one piece of relationship advise that I would give is to remain true to yourself and your dreams…. I know people always talk about compromise but I promise you that if you feel like you are constantly compromising what you want and your dreams, in the end you will end up with resentments….

    Best of luck in your half, you are going to rock it doll!!!


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