About the Blog

In a world where women often have to choose between motherhood and their running goals, I’m here to share that you don’t.

It’s a messy, chaotic, momentous ride, but I’ve found it’s one worth sharing.

Mskatieblaze is a blog for modern moms who love to run.


If you’re looking for new running shorts, need advice on how to train through pregnancy, and want to read inspiring stories of other women #makingitwork, you’ll feel right at home here.

Even though I was a collegiate runner and I now help dozens of women reach their own running goals, I am still learning, too. I love to share things as I discover them, which is why I’m here: to give you the celebratory moments, the hard moments, and what keeps us all coming back to this crazy sport of distance running.

Currently, I live and train in Memphis, TN, aka the BBQ capital of the world, with my husband and daughter. We live in a tiny bungalow house in a quaint neighborhood, and I never go a day without a cup of coffee.

Want to connect? I post frequently, so be sure to subscribe via email. Additionally, Instagram is my home away from home, so come say hi!


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