2005: I first learned what it felt like to run fast. Grabbed a state championship in high school track and a hall of fame induction. Felt good to win, but it really stopped beyond that. I was a soccer player first, and running felt like one big game of too much pressure. It wasn’t fun.


2008:I marveled at the idea of pursuing soccer at the collegiate level, so I went for it. I quit my junior year after two frustrating years of injuries. I have a lot of love for the sport and my teammates from those years.
2012: Started graduate school and realized those 2 years of eligibility I  had left over from college soccer could provide a free masters. I had never run cross-country, but I said, “Why not?” Running became fun for the first time!


2013: Jon and I were friends growing up, both played under the same soccer coach, but after high school we didn’t see each other for years. We both ended up in the same city,  he swooned me with talks of training for a triathlon together, and the rest is history

We adopted Eli, a German short-haired pointer, who we think is the best pup in the world. He logs about 75% of all the miles I run, and only gets tired when he chases squirrels.IMG_0331.JPG

2014 was probably the best year of my life! On February 8th at the end of of our long run, Jon set up an aid-station with water and champagne 😉 He said he just wanted to make sure we weren’t parched.  Everyone in my training group knew what was going on except me! I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

In June, we moved to Memphis, I started a new job, and began working with a new coach.

In July, we tied the knot, I ran lots of PRs, and Jon started his masters. It was a very busy summer to say the least!IMG_9026.PNG

2015:  Although I started the year off on the injured list with a nagging IT band 😦  the year proved to be just as exciting and busy as the last! We adopted a second dog/running partner, and we bought our first home! My mantra was: “Here’s a to a year of embracing change, challenging the obstacles, and striving to be the best I can be.”


Spring 2015: I recovered from the IT band drama, ran 5k and 2 mile PRs, and started a new job! We also became Airbnb hosts. Jon graduated with his masters in pharmacology.

In June, Surprise! We’re pregnant! Overnight, our whole lives changed for the better. My 2015 mantra of embracing challenges and changes became more true than ever before.


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